Android Game: Basketball All-Stars

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Game Description

Basketball all-stars feast, a gathering place for all fans waiting for them, it will be a sports festival, let us look forward to this the most exciting moments.

Guarding the basketball program still next to the TV? Come here allows you to personally experience the thrill of shooting. The real scene, the real role of the real operation. Is to give you real experience. Casual basketball game, easy to use operation, suitable for players of all ages.

Game Features

  1. Beautiful picture, many types of property, can strengthen the ability of the auxiliary and props, makes it easier to achieve high scores.
  2. Two game modes, more choices, not limited to a constant mode.
  3. This game is completely free, players can click on the “free gold” free gold to strengthen the skills, buy props.
  4. The same sports game, there is not the same play, the game easier to get started operation, we look forward to your arrival.
  5. More games are played subsequent updates, please pay attention!

Google Play link: Basketball All-Stars


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