New Version 8.3 of World of Tanks

WOT Chinese tank tree 1 WOT Chinese tank tree 2 WOT Chinese tank tree 3 WOT Chinese tank tree 4

About a week ago Wargaming officially launched the new version 8.3 of their popular MMO game World of Tanks. One of the new features in this game version is the eagerly awaited by the game fans Chinese tech tree.

As usually when new fleet is launched gamers receive and additional slot for free and a Light Tank Renault NC-31. The new Chinese tech tree consists of 17 armoured vehicles devided in 3 major groups - imported vehicles, prototypes vehicles and tanks “created for governmental tests”. The new Chinese tanks are widely varying in firepower capacity and mobility that can be useful in different ares on the battlefield. Light Chinese tanks can also go up to Tier VIII similar to the French tier VIII light tank AMX 13 90.

In case you haven’t played World of Tanks yet you can download the game absolutely free from the site of Wargaming:

All new features and new Chinese tanks in Version 8.3 can be found on WOT website:


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